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Chamomile Tisane

This is a perfect relaxing night time drink to ease tension and stress.  Borage leaves specifically help to reduce adrenal insufficiency, blood purification and increases urine flow to remove toxins and the Chamomile and Lemon Balm help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote sleep.  Rose hips are a great immune booster and provide tons of Vitamin C to ward off the common cold or flu.

*Immune boosting, *Stress reliever, *Sleep promotion

  By Elyse

High Calcium Tea

A grassy tasting herbal tea to calm your nerves and to strengthen your bones, skin and hair! Oat pods are rich in nutrients and minerals and provide great endocrine function while nourishing the immune system while nettle and horsetail act to remove toxins from the body.

*Antioxidant, *Strengthens Bones, *Immune Boosting

  By Elyse

Raspberry Chia Pudding

*Heart Health *Anti-Cancer *Anti-microbial

  By Elyse

Sauteed Healing Greens with Pine Nuts

These luscious bitter greens provide a unique flavor (plus tons of antioxidants) and pair well with the crunchy, buttery texture of the pleasantly sweet and delish pine nuts.

*Antioxidant, *Anti-inflammatory, *Gut Health, *Detoxifying

  By Elyse

Sauteed Kale with Crispy Onions

This recipe is super simple.  It makes an excellent addition to an over-easy egg for breakfast or savory side.

*Antioxidants, *Anti-inflammatory, *Gut healing

  By Elyse

Coconut Kefir

This carbonated tangy drink is a Godsend for improved immunity and digestion. Full of different beneficial bacteria strains, this gluten and dairy free drink helps fight against bacteria, tumors, carcinogens and more.

*Anti-cancer, *Anti-microbial, *Gastrointestinal Health, *Immune Booster

  By Elyse

Healing Mineral Bone Broth

This version of "Chicken Soup" isn’t just good for your soul. There’s a reason this broth is used as a simple prescription from practitioners to mothers alike. Sip on this stock year round for amazing health benefits and use it to help heal leaky gut syndrome, improve immunity and joint function. You can drink as a warm beverage or tea like drink, cook veggies or your favorite grains in it or even make a gravy from the fats.

*Immune Health, *Skin & Bone Health, *Anti-cancer

  By Elyse

Better Healing Butter

If you thought butter couldn’t taste or be better for you, wait till you try this! Yummy on warm vegetables, brown rice, or winter squash.

*Gut Healing, *Antioxidants, *Immune Strengthening

  By Elyse

Good For Your Gut Ghee

Expensive to buy, but cheap and easy to make on your own.  Ghee is like liquid gold for your gut. It’s been used for centuries in Indian culture and is full of amazing flavor and packed with vital gut healing nutrients including Vitamin A, D, E & K plus Omega Fatty Acids. Dairy intolerant individuals celebrate; a spread that won’t make you sick since the proteins and sugars are skimmed off the top leaving you with just the fat.

*Gut healing, *Anti-oxidants, *Energizing

  By Elyse

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