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How To Make Food Goals That Don’t Fail

How To Make Food Goals That Don’t Fail

If you set New Year’s goals around food, but already feel deflated, frustrated and like you’ve failed, this episode of ETV is for you.

I’m sharing 3 simple questions (and an amazing recipe) to help make your food habits stick so you can start feeling energized and empowered!

Douse yourself in this daily

Douse yourself in this daily

Imagine for a moment,

A world where everyone loved themselves and others AND didn’t allow the color of someone’s skin, education, status, customs, possessions, religion etc… threaten them.

Imagine how your personal world would look and feel if you woke up every morning completely in love with you.

Would you believe me if I said you know how to trust your instincts, love yourself and others unconditionally and have known this since you were born!?

If you’re thinking…Okay… what does this have to do with small daily habits, Elyse – stay with me.

Make Your Meditation Practice Fun, Easy and Lite

Make Your Meditation Practice Fun, Easy and Lite

Have you ever made a goal to start meditating but find you can’t be in your own energy for more than 5 minutes let alone 15, 20 or 40 minutes?

Maybe you find it hard to sit still for more than 30 seconds or you just don’t know how to meditate.

You’re not alone.

Watch this short video on how to make your meditation practice fun, easy and lite!

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