deserve health

& happiness!

We help you get there with whole foods, a positive attitude, and a huge helping of body love.

It’s time to take charge of your health and well being!

In a world of information overload, how do you know what is right for you and your body? Let us guide you with coaching programs and tools you need to confidently step into your own health and well-being goals.


We’re the Elyse Wagner team, and we bring you a Functional Medicine approach to better health and wellbeing.

With a Certified Nutritionist, Positive Psychology Professional, and Functional Medical Coach at the ready, our team empowers you to create health and happiness with your


for a F.A.B. approach to health. After all, You deserve to feel FABulous!

How We Help You Take Charge

Health Coaching

Community is immunity! Join our Functional Medicine group coaching for a healthier you.

Feel F.A.B. Planner

Unplug. Create a relationship with yourself offline, and achieve the F.A.B. life you desire.

Books & Resources

Reaching your health goals is a life pursuit. Use these resources and tools to support your journey.

Bringing you inspiration, ideas, tools, and techniques (that work) is our passion and life purpose! You deserve to feel like the CEO of your health.


You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to take the first step.

Experience the F.A.B. Difference

We’re women with a passion for health, and we’ve been in your shoes. Join us in the F.A.B. approach to:

  • Close the gap between your health goals and your health
  • Make true wellness a way of life 
  • Join a supportive community that celebrates and lifts you while providing accountability

Let’s create health and happiness with our Food, Attitude, and Body approach—together. It’s time to feel FABulous!

Your F.A.B. Health

Food, Attitude, Body

 Let’s dig deep, find the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck, and create a unique (and delicious) recipe for your F.A.B. health. You can achieve a fantastic relationship with your food, attitude, and body, and feel fabulous, too!

Free Video Course:

3 Steps to a Better Tomorrow

It’s time to intentionally take care of you! Discover simple changes you can make right now in your food, attitude, and self-care to maximize your health and happiness in our 3-day video course. Take charge of your health and happiness today for a better tomorrow.

Love Yourself

My husband and I are so happy! Thank you, it is all because of you that I actually love myself and feel great! Yea! (Happy dance!) I’m so happy! Elyse Wagner, Kitchen Shrink extraordinaire is awesome! I hired her in February 2015 as my health coach. I have learned so much about myself, and things I needed to release in order to fulfill my true health potential. I’ve learned great new cooking ideas, and now I am able to share all that I have learned with my growing family. Working with Elyse has given me the confidence to move out of my comfort zone and focus on what really matters in my life. I would recommend her to everyone who has health needs.

Lauren C.
Hairstylist, Chicago, IL

Partnering with my clients opens them up to a whole new level of empowerment and confidence.
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You are the CEO of your health.

3 Tips On How To Handle Personal Questions

3 Tips On How To Handle Personal Questions

Ever had a friend, family member or stranger ask you a very personal question about religion, politics or personal medical decisions you’ve made for you and your family?

Maybe your palms start sweating, thoughts start racing and anxiety floods your brain and body because you feel put on the spot or like you’re being judged.

Maybe you have no idea how to respond? If so, you’re not alone.

Summer Skin Care Kit

Summer Skin Care Kit

What are your favorite Summer Skin Care products? Let us know below.

I've created an entire Summer Care Kit for you with some of my favorite products for summer sun, summer fun and the occasional summer unpleasantries....cuts, scrapes, rashes, burns, bites, stings etc. 🌱🌞🐝🦟

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