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hot chocolate

The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate

'Tis the season to sip some warm chocolatey goodness!  This is my very own twist on Swiss Miss (without all the fillers and preservatives).  I was craving hot coco one day and with only 3 ingredients  whipped up this delicious vegan, gluten and non-dairy treat.


  By ElyseWagner

Velvet Beetroot Latte

This beautiful pink drink is filled with antioxidants and uplifting life-preserving ingredients! One sip and you'll be in love!

  By ElyseWagner

High C Tonic Tea

A deliciously tasty immune boosting medicinal tea to drink at home. This brew is similar to making an infusion but it's allowed to soften for a longer amount of time allowed a number of medicinal consitutents to be drawn out for your body to absorb!

*Immune-boosting, *Healing

  By Elyse

Chamomile Tisane

This is a perfect relaxing night time drink to ease tension and stress.  Borage leaves specifically help to reduce adrenal insufficiency, blood purification and increases urine flow to remove toxins and the Chamomile and Lemon Balm help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote sleep.  Rose hips are a great immune booster and provide tons of Vitamin C to ward off the common cold or flu.

*Immune boosting, *Stress reliever, *Sleep promotion

  By Elyse

High Calcium Tea

A grassy tasting herbal tea to calm your nerves and to strengthen your bones, skin and hair! Oat pods are rich in nutrients and minerals and provide great endocrine function while nourishing the immune system while nettle and horsetail act to remove toxins from the body.

*Antioxidant, *Strengthens Bones, *Immune Boosting

  By Elyse

Tumeric Golden Milk Latte

This turmeric golden latte puts a fun twist on tea time.  The earthy tones of turmeric combined with the bright flavors of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom plus the hint of sweet maple syrup makes this one amazing night cap (without the alcohol of course!) Not to mention, this drink is full of flavor, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help keep inflammation at bay. Served hot or cold for a mid-morning boost or a gentle relaxing and soothing bedtime drink.

Mantra: I am healing my body from the inside out.

*Anti-inflammatory, *Anti-oxidant, *Detoxifing, *Gut Health, *Immune Regulation

  By Elyse

Homemade Brandied Cherries

Nothing warms you up like Brandied Cherry! One of these cinnamon beauties will have you puckered up in no time.  Get creative and add to your favorite desserts or pop one or two in a Manhatten to spruce up your cocktail.


  By Elyse

Apple Cider Mock Mosa

This festive Fall treat is decadent, delightful and delicoius, period. Just enjoy!


  By Elyse

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