Coronavirus: Foods To Boost Your Immunity

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More than ever, we’re in uncertain times. Schools closing, countries on lock down and job security at risk. If you’re feeling angst, unsettled and overwhelmed with information, know that you’re not alone.

I’m not here to sell or give advice.  In fact, the intention behind this post is to inspire and empower you to be the CEO of your health. To take ideas or suggestions that resonate with you and try them on to see how they fit in your life.

Here’s what I know deep in my bones. Health is your first wealth and you need to do anything and everything to keep you and your family healthy (mentally, physically and emotionally) especially during these times.

Many people are asking what I’m doing with my family during the chaos, so I thought I’d share.  In this blog, you’ll learn about a few calming mental and emotional practices, four immune boost recipes (and why they’re so healthy), plus a few resources to get good quality groceries, household items and supplements delivered straight to your door!

How we think affects how we feel and how we act.

From the time I can remember, I’ve always believed that our strongest muscle is the mind. If it’s fed positive nutrients through words, thoughts, feelings and food it will grow and allow us to expand to our greatest potential possible.   

Finding myself feeling overwhelmed and confused on what to do, it’s inspiring to share a few practices that me and my family use to keep us grounded, peaceful and calm.

Gratitude: Every morning, evening and throughout the day, I take mini breaks and practice an attitude of gratitude.  I will take out my journal, piece of paper or my phone and write out 5-10 things I’m grateful for.  It could be that I woke up this morning, that my family is healthy, that I have clean running water or a fridge full of food.  It can be the fact that you’re breathing.  It doesn’t matter.  

You can show gratitude to anything and anyone at any moment.  For me, that’s brought me to a relaxed space because it helps to train my brain to see the good and positive in my life. This is also a simple practice to share with your kids.  Shay is 2 1/2 and has a gratitude practice every evening. It’s the cutest thing to hear all she is grateful for.

Mantras or affirmations: spoken out loud or written helps train my brain to think positively and to focus on key words that are elevating, empowering and inspiring instead of letting my mind wonder into a negative, anxiety filled space. Here’s a few examples: 

I’m calm and relaxed and that helps others around me feel calm and relaxed. 

This will pass. 

I am loved, blessed and grateful. 

Breathing: Deep breathing throughout the day has helped me turn off the outside noise and focus within.  It’s free and available to you at anytime.  My typical routine is a 4,7,8 breath where I’ll inhale through my nose for four counts, hold for seven and exhale slowly for eight counts.  You can find a variety of apps, online meditations or books to teach you to deep breathe.  

Boosting Immunity with Food 
Here’s four recipes that our family is making at home and consistently eating to keep our immune system boosted. 

0-01Bone Broth: This version of “Chicken Soup” isn’t just good for your soul. There’s a reason this broth is used as a simple prescription from practitioners to mothers alike. Sip on this stock to help with leaky gut syndrome, improve immunity and joint function. You can drink as a warm beverage, cook veggies or your favorite grains in or even make a gravy. (click the link for the recipe).

bone broth


Green Smoothies: Boost your brain power and immune system with blueberries, apple, cucumber and honey (known to have anti-viral properties.)

green smoothie

Add extra immune-boosting foods to your smoothies and bone broth like cilantro, ginger and turmeric.  

Golden Latte: Put a fun twist on tea time by incorporating turmeric.  The earthy tones combined with the bright flavors of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom plus the hint of sweet honey makes this one amazing night cap (without the alcohol of course!) Not to mention, this drink is full of flavor, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help keep inflammation at bay. Served hot or cold for a mid-morning boost or a gentle relaxing and soothing bedtime drink.

golden milk latte 

Gut Healing Gummies: If you can’t down bone broth – you’ve got a sweet alternative (without the sugar)… gummies!  These gems are made from bones of pastured animals (meaning they’ve been grass-fed) making them a superfood that helps improve digestion, increase immunity and encourages healthy joint function. Kids love the taste and enjoy making them too.  

Gut healing dummies

Your health is your greatest wealth.

Shopping Resources:

I’m taking extra precautions with shopping and going out in crowded spaces. Mainly because of how it can effect someone else, especially those who are immune compromised and in a higher or at-risk population. 

That’s why I’m ordering my food from ThriveMarket.  You can order from home or your phone and it gets delivered straight to your door. Thrive offers pantry staples, frozen meat and seafood, household cleaning supplies, baby wipes, diapers, paper towels and even make-up.   

Not to mention, they’re never engaging in price surging, they are working hard to have backstock and they ship orders fast.   

Target’s drive-up has been a lifesaver for little odds and ends things like extra art supplies for Shay since she will be home for the next two-weeks, coffee and non-essentials. You can use their app and pick it up within two hours. They also offer grocery delivery via SHIPT.  

Lastly, I’m stocking up on supplements through Emerson Ecologics.  This is my go to for high-quality, trusted and third-party verified supplements. You’ll want to make sure you run any dosing amounts through your doctor and ask your practitioner about drug or nutrient internations. 

Once you’ve read this blog, I’d love to hear from you!  What ways are you staying healthy and safe during this time? Maybe there’s a recipe you’d like to make or food you’d like to try, or maybe you want to pick up a specific hobby or craft you’ve been holding off.  

My encouragement is to use this time for connecting as much as possible.  Connecting with yourself, with food, with a fun activity or your family.  

Leave a comment below and share as much detail as you can. People come here to be inspired and empowered and your comment, story or insight may be just what they need to hear to take the next step forward or have a major Aha moment. 

Make sure to share your thoughts directly below in the comments. Thank you so much for reading, sharing and your vulnerability. It’s what truly creates connection.  No matter what you do, someone or something will end up hurting you. Learn to forgive and move forward.