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Sun-Dried, Tomato Basil Crackers

You can't beat these delicious crackers when looking for a crunchy cracker to eat with some grass-fed cheese, soup or salad. The sund-dried tomatoes provide vitamins C and K, iron, and lycopene; an antioxidant

  By Jacqui Kolar

rice cake no-corn popcorn

Healthy No-Corn Popcorn

A super simple and healthy twist on popcorn with no corn AND takes just about the same amount of time to make as poppin’ some corn in the microwave.

  By ElyseWagner


No Bake Energy Bites

These Energy Bites are the bomb! Quick and easy, they're a great grab-and-go protein-packed snack with a hint of sweetness. Plus they're dairy, gluten, soy and corn free!

  By Jacqui Kolar

Warming Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Think cinnamon apple pie but in a health smoothie! Curb your cravings for comfort food and increase your health confidence with this gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan recipe.

*Brain Health, *Anti-oxidant, *Blood Sugar Control

Mantra: I spread warmth and love everywhere I go.


  By ElyseWagner

Gut Healing Gummies

If you can’t down bone broth - you’ve got a sweeter alternative... gummies!  These gut healing gummies are made from the bones of pastured animals (meaning they’ve been grass-fed) making these a superfood that helps improve digestion, increase immunity and encourages healthy joint function. Not to mention, if you are wanting supple skin, luscious hair and nails, eating these babies will help ya.

Mantra: I enjoy making healing foods for me and my family!

*Anti-cancer, *Gastrointestinal Health, *Heart Health

  By Elyse

Black Bean Salsa

The pops of bright ruby red from the pomegranate adds a fun fruity twist and antioxidant punch to this easy to make salsa.

  By Elyse

Homemade BBQ Jerky

A fabulous client of mine surprised me by making a batch of this delicious jerky - I had to know how she did it! Turns out it was pretty simple. So, next time you're wanting a quick, protein packed snack that's easy to travel with, look no further.  Pre-make a big batch of this Beef Jerky to take on your next road trip or hike!

  By Elyse

Yogurt, Berries, Chocolate & Nuts

This filling super simple yogurt can be enjoyed as a sweet snack, dessert or breakfast!

  By Elyse

Date and Cashew Protein Balls

  By Elyse

Zesty Flax Crackers

These zesty flaxseeds crackers are packed with essential fats, antioxidants and fiber. Dip in your favorite salsa, guac or hummus and you've got a perfect snack that will keep your belly full and your tastebuds satisfied.

*Anti-Cancer, *Anti-microbial, *Heart Health

  By Elyse

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