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How Self-Care Starts In The Kitchen by Saving You Time, Money and Sanity

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Imagine this. You get off a stressful Zoom work meeting and you’re hangry with your next meeting starting in 30 minutes. You know you have to eat something FAST.

The easiest thing to reach for is a bag of chips in your pantry which leaves you even more stressed, overwhelmed and guilty for your choice.

But what if that wasn’t the case?

Do you ever skip meals?

Not because you forgot. Rather because you didn’t have anything ready to go.

If you’re anything like me, TIME is one of your most precious commodities!

When you’re pressed for it due to work meetings, other responsibilities including eating, sometimes it’s easier in the short run to grab the chips, fast food or skip eating all together.

But, I’m here to share (from experience), that can leave you even more stressed and depleted.

What if you could…

  • Open your fridge (cue angelic noises)
  • Grab a lovely nutritious already-packed meal for yourself
  • Eat in peace, sitting down and enjoying each bite

So you could get back to what you were doing energized and feeling good? 

You can and today’s episode is just for you! ?

Watch today’s ETV episode to learn the 3 reasons why meal prepping is self-care and can save you time, money and your sanity! ?

This episode is sprinkled with self-care meal prepping tips you can take action on today!

Here’s 3 reasons why meal prepping is self-care:

Time Saver

  • Carving out 20 minutes of meal-prepping in bulk each weekend can save you at least 15-20 minutes making meals for yourself or others in your family. That’s over 90-minutes a week! Can you imagine what you’d do with another hour and a half each week!?

Saves Money

  • With having ready-to-go meals, you’re not forced to run out to the store, or bring in takeout or order delivery. Plus, you’re not spending money driving to different places to pick up food. Not to mention, when you plan your meals, you can order your groceries and have them delivered, so you’re not tempted at the check-out line. It gives you extra time from shopping so you can spend with your family or sneak in a little more self-care time for you!

Sanity Saver – this one’s a biggie!

  • Prepping your meals and having grab-and-go options gives your mind a break. It’s one less thing to think about and one less decision to make. Do you have grilled chicken salad or tuna salad? You’ve already made the decision. Freedom!
  • Not to mention, you’re nourishing your body. Your body needs food to nourish itself and you can combat even more stress by eating foods that reduce inflammation. Think cutting out the processed chips and having some cucumber “chips” instead.

Here’s an extra special tip for all of you planners out there:

Schedule your meal prepping and planning time in your planner each week so it just becomes part of your routine.

Once you’re done reading and watching, I’d love to hear from you! 

What’s ONE tip or meal prepping idea you’ll start implementing in your everyday life? Leave your comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you and support you in the comments! 

Remember, a little self-care goes a looooong way and you’re worth it! 

With support, love and encouragement,