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How do you feel after scrolling
on social media?

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Ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone only to leave you feeling inadequate, unhappy, lonely and unmotivated?

The internet and social media can be a positive uplifting space and it can also be a blackhole of negativity.

Studies have shown that mindless scrolling results in information overload and impacts the motivational systems of the brain.

If there’s been days when scrolling ended up taking the place of your workout, you won’t want to miss these tips.

The cool thing is you get to choose what you consume, when you consume and how much. 🙂

In today’s ETV episode, I’m sharing 3 Self-Care Social Media Tips that are sure to help you feel more connected and less of a slave to your phone.

Looking for a few ways to stop scrolling? Practice these 3 self-care social media tips!

0-01 Identify what you’ll consume. This includes who you’ll follow or unfollow or maybe even block. Choose what resonates with you and what you want to see on your daily feed.

  • What you see on a daily basis becomes part of who you are and how you think. 

Set a time when you’ll check-in on social media.  

  • Instead of picking up the phone automatically between meetings and scrolling – decide that you’ll use the phone during lunch only to scroll or after work or a time that fits for you
  • Schedule this in your planner if you have to (no judgement) : )

Set a timer for how long you want to consume social media 

  • Some social media apps have a reminder you can set in settings.
  • Make a commitment that when that timer comes up you’re off social.

Now, I’d love to hear ONE self-care social media tip you’re going to implement today! Share in the comments below.

For bonus points, come back after you take some inspired action and let us know how you feel.

Can’t wait to connect with you in the comments below.