One of the things I’m often asked is
“How did you get started on this path?’’

You are the CEO of your health.

For the longest time, I can remember always waking up and feeling sick to my stomach, not wanting to go to school for fear of having to constantly go to the bathroom and interrupt class. Not to mention being taunted as “Obese Elyse” by fellow classmates

Physically, I never felt good. I intuitively knew that certain foods didn’t agree with me, but I didn’t know how to go about making changes that would help me feel (and look) better.

So, at 13 years old, during dinner one night, I asked my parents for their help. I knew if I didn’t make certain changes at that point in time, I could have fallen into some pretty unhealthy behaviors and patterns.

We eventually found Carole, a holistic nutritionist who listened and helped to shape my life journey.

After meeting with her, I felt empowered to make food and lifestyle changes that resulted in a 50 pound weight lost and an insatiable hunger to learn as much as I could about food and nutrition.

I Knew This Was My Calling

(But the path to get there wasn’t going to be easy or quick.)

As I set out on my journey, there were some ups and downs and some real learning curves. After several failed attempts at overhauling my lifestyle and trying to reach over-the-top weight loss goals, I realized health is much more than food, weight-loss and nutrition.

I often wondered why some people made significant changes in their life that stuck and others really struggled. What was the struggle about? I set out to find answers.

I became extremely passionate and intrigued with positive psychology, looking at the strengths of others and how they persevere through struggle.

This unconventional combination of pairing food and mood with my passions, interests and strengths formed the foundation for my future studies. I saw the gap between conventional nutrition and psychology and knew the world needed a more encompassing approach to healing the whole body.

Finding myself multi-passionate about food and cooking, positive psychology, lifestyle and behavior change, spirituality, entrepreneurship, Functional Medicine, relationships and a creative mind that never stops, I knew there was a lot I wanted to share with the world to help.

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I began to change my intention to become more than a nutritionist.  I knew I needed to expand my knowledge as much as possible to help people from a root-cause, evidence-based approach. I mentored with my nutritionist, read as many books as I could get my hands on, and worked with different dietitians and in hospitals.

I received an undergraduate degree in Nutritional Sciences from UW-Madison, Wisconsin and set out for a dual Master’s from Bastyr University in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology. At last, a program that could teach evidence-based skills and tools combining both worlds.

Immersing myself in endless learning and educating myself on nutrition, mind-body techniques, herbs, positive psychology, and behavior change helped in sifting through all the excess information and confusion. Little did I know, this all ended up coming in very handy.

After feeling sick for multiple months, a handful of doctor diagnosis’s later and a huge disbelief and questioning of both conventional and holistic medicine, I felt as if everything I had studied, believed in and set my life’s work and intention into was failing me.

I decided to give myself one last chance and made an appointment with Dr. Donovan, a Naturopathic doctor practicing Functional Medicine, who discovered the root cause of what was going on and was able to determine a diagnosis of Celiac Disease; along with body dysmorphia.

As a force of empowerment, he let me decide how I wanted to handle my health. He provided two options: One was to continue the way I was going; knowing my health was on the decline. The other was to choose health. So, I decided to become the CEO of my health. I decided that I could use all of my knowledge and create my own healthy lifestyle as an example to help others on their journey.

With another huge lifestyle change ahead of me, I decided I was going to transform and heal through whole real foods and a positive attitude.

My F.A.B.
{food, attitude & body}
Journey To Health & Happiness

Experiences in life create defining moments.
This is my timeline.

August 2014: Conscious Crystals: A beautiful reminder & constant representation of all the hard work and effort clients are putting into transforming their health.
April 2013: Met Sandra Scheinbaum, PhD, and began coaching her clients at Feed Your Mind Wellness as a health coach.
March 2013: Moved back to sweet home Chicago and transformed my clinical practice to virtual health coaching for individuals and groups focusing on education, empowerment and lifestyle change with food, attitude & body.
September 2012: Became a Certified Nutritionist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate in the state of Washington.

"I believe in taking full responsibility and bringing your whole self to the ‘kitchen’ table if you want sustainable health & happiness’’.

“I believe in taking full responsibility and bringing your whole self to the ‘kitchen’ table if you want sustainable health & happiness’’.

January 2009: Realized INTENTION & ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Wrote my intention on the mirror that I would be getting into Bastyr University.

January 2009:

2004-2008: Attended UW-Madison, Wisconsin: Go Badgers! Where I learned the conventional way of nutrition. Quickly realized this was not in alignment with my belief systems and values around food and nutrition. Hungry for more and decided to look for post graduate programs that combined nutrition and positive psychology. Found Bastyr University.
1990-2000: A series of loss, trauma and unfortunate events lead to an unhealthy relationship between food, attitude and body. Food became my safety blanket and eating became my emotional coping mechanism.

Realized Food = Love

Realized Food = Love

This just isn’t just my life; it’s my passion!

And I can’t wait to share it with you!

Passion – Empowerment – Education – Inspiration

I believe that health starts within YOU deciding to change and take ownership of your life and how you want to feel. In order to transform in today’s world you have to bring your whole self to the kitchen table.

This includes your unique set of strengths, your personality, needs, humor, and most importantly, your values and commitment to making change. I believe that whether you’re changing your health by yourself or with someone else, you need to fully engage and be 100% committed to the experience and the full effects you are worthy of.

Even more so, I believe that no matter what your goals or dreams are and even the obstacles you face, anything is possible and you have the utmost power to change it. Doing so affects others in your life for the better as well. 

This philosophy and a huge amount of work, lessons learned along with compassion and empathy has led to some amazing experiences and pivotal moments.

I am constantly learning from these experiences and each day provides another day to live the F.A.B. life!

Which is why I’m so excited you’re here!

My purpose in life is to serve. Passion, love and creativity is baked into my company and I have an insatiable hunger to empower others to create health and happiness.

Through our free content, our paid online and live training and anything else we might offer- we’re here to make an impact and a difference. We’re here to help you create sustainable health & happiness and one that is unique to your lifestyle and specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to make some tweaks in your health or mindset or make an entire overhaul, we’re here to help you reach your highest level of health and happiness potential and tap into your inner power and wisdom.

As a company, we’re overjoyed that we have the opportunity to sell things we’re deeply proud of and that we know are meaningful. Most of the offerings to you are 100% free of charge. For more on what we’re made of, read this.

I’ll be the first to tell you, I don’t know it all or have all the answers. Sometimes we don’t get it right the first time (these create great opportunities to learn) and I wrestle with my own struggles of fear, doubt and unworthiness, just like you.  

However, my commitment to bringing you the cream of the crop of what I’m living and learning is to keep it as real and fresh as I can. So please don’t expect perfect and polished every time, but do expect new thought-provoking ideas, body wisdom, out-of-the-box thinking and a commitment to help you create sustainable health and happiness so you can feel fabulous in the skin you’re in and live the life you love!


(if you have read this far)

I appreciate you and I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship and a new found relationship you’ll have with yourself, food, attitude and body!  I’d love to hear more from you and please stay in touch.  The best way to share a story or stay connected is to make sure you’re getting my monthly F.A.B.spirations! Just reach out to me here.

As may have read or heard, I run two digital companies. So, I like to spend as much time as possible offline, doing yoga, spending time outside or in my kitchen cooking up lots of creative dishes with my husband, Rob. I’m not a busy bee on social media, so if you want the scoop from me, our F.A.B.spirations are where it’s at. Most of the time, you’ll only hear from me on Wednesdays; but you may get a surprise email from time to time if it’s sensitive or important.

Plus, you’ll get a fabulous (and free) audio training called: 3 Secrets to Create F.A.B.Health & Happiness as soon as you subscribe.

It’ll walk you through the fundamentals of turning your pie in the sky goals into a reality while connecting to deep meaning. Can’t wait for you to dig in!

Thank you again so much for taking the time to visit and read. I’m excited that I’m connected with you, and beyond excited for your health and happiness journey ahead!


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