5 Self-care Tips You Need To Know

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When life gets busy, one of the first things we usually forget to do is take care of ourselves.

And chances are, if you are forgetting to make time to shower yourself with love and do things that make your soul feel good, then you are pouring from an empty cup.

What I mean is, if you are working so hard to do all the things for everyone else, then you’re probably going to find yourself burning out pretty quickly (or maybe you’ve already experienced this before… I know I have!! I used to be SUCH a people pleaser and still fall into that role when I stop coming from a place of self love).

Last week, we talked about self acceptance and self love and a huge part of that is deciding that YOU are important enough to be cared for.

I spoke to my friend from New Zealand about this the other day, and she told me that whenever she feels overwhelmed, she books in for a relaxing beauty treatment at Lovoir Beauty.

Finding what makes you happy is crucial. After all, a lot of people claim that making time for something that they enjoy makes them more productive in the long run.

So, I’ve got a question to ask you: What would it mean to really love YOU? What does the dreamiest version of that look like?

I invite you to spend a few minutes either thinking about or journaling on these questions and really explore what self love and self care would feel and look like for you.

I believe there is a lot of power in exploring YOUR ideal version of self love and self care, so that you can choose actions that truly make you feel good… and I’m talkin’ way down deep in your beautiful, precious soul!

Just in case you need a little inspiration to get the self care juices flowing, here are some loving suggestions…

And, because I know you’re busy, I wanted to give you some of my favorite possibilities for bite-sized self care acts you can do on a busy schedule:

  • Set an affirmation as the background of your phone (for some beautiful, loving affirmations you can save directly to your phone, click here)
  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Wake up slowly and go screen-free for the first 30 minutes of your morning
  • Say something kind to yourself
  • Nourish yourself with some healthy & yummy food
  • Oxygenate: Take 3 intentional deep belly breaths
  • Hydrate: Make sure you’re getting enough water
  • Inhale some essential oils (citrus oils are great for uplifting your mood and energy!)
  • Have a good Laugh
  • Connect with someone who makes you feel happy
  • Go for a short walk
  • Give your feet a massage
  • An at-home facial (for an easy DIY facial mask recipe, click here)

The best way to make sure you follow through on the commitment to your self care is to schedule it… Preferably the night before or add it to your intention list first thing in the morning. When you write it down, you are more likely to follow through than if you simply think about doing it.

If you’re looking for a planner that provides you with a soulful sanctuary to plan your self care, check out our Feel F.A.B Planner, here!

Here are 5 more F.A.B tips for bringing self care into your day with ease and flow:

0-01Set an intention for the day. Never underestimate the power of setting an intention!! This will give you a foundation for your day and it can also

Decide how you want to feel each day. When you choose how you want to feel and ground into that feeling each morning, it creates a feeling state for you to return to if necessary. Let’s say you decide on Monday morning that you want to feel calm and blissful, but by Monday afternoon you are feeling overwhelmed and chaotic. Take a step back, close your eyes and ground back into that feeling state of calm and blissful. You can think of a place or a memory that brings these feelings flooding in and allow yourself to step back into that desired feeling (even if just for those few moments you have your eyes closed, before you have to jump back into your day).

Decompress while driving. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, GREAT! No I have not gone crazy, I just love reframing situations! Instead of letting traffic stress you out, try using it as a space to roll your shoulders back, take a couple deep belly breaths and calm your nervous system down.

Write it out. Writing out the positives of your day and your daily gratitudes is a simple, yet highly effective way to bring more positive, loving energy into your life. Your thoughts create your reality, so when you focus on what makes you happy and what you’re grateful for, you are actively calling more of that juicy goodness for yourself.

Record it. Record yourself saying a few loving affirmations on your phone and listen to them throughout your day as a way to re-align with your awesomeness. You can also set your favorite affirmations to show up as a message on your phone as a mid-day mindset boost.

Fill up your cup with some simple acts of self care this week and let me know in the comments your favorite new way to show yourself love!

Thank you so much for reading and participating — AND if you know someone who would absolutely love to read to hear this message – send it with love!