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Your Year In Preview

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I’m a believer that you create your health and life. And you can start doing that by previewing your year ahead and deciding what you want your life to look like.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t done your Year in Review, do that now.

Once you’ve done your Year in Review, you’re ready for your Year in Preview.

This will set you up for meaningful impact with the year ahead.

Make sure you have your pen, paper, and Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner or journal ready.

In this video, I’m going to share with you three simple questions that will guide everything from your BIG vision to the small daily tasks.

Question #1: What matters most to you?
Now the cool thing here is you can go deep with this question.  What matters to you most in your health and wellness category? Maybe you want to start exercising more regularly or find a new doctor or finally get off the diet soda.

Or financially? Maybe you want to save $100 every month or you want to work towards being financially free.  

What about relationships? Are there one or two relationships you want to focus on and enrich over the next year? Or maybe a relationship you want to let go of that’s not serving you anymore. 

Business/Career? Maybe you want to land a new job or start prospecting for a new position… maybe you want to double the size of your current company… 

Whatever it is – decide on what matters MOST to you.  

If you’re drawing a blank on what matters most to you, don’t get caught up in that energy. Start here first and identify what DOESN’T matter to you.  This typically works and allows you to focus on what you actually do want. 

Once you’ve identified a few areas that matter most to you, Pick one to three to focus on for the year. 

Next, give yourself some space and time to dream for this next question. 

Question #2: What do you want to accomplish by next year?  
Maybe it’s a very unique goal in a specific category of your life (relationships/fiance/health and wellness/ self-care).  Here’s some examples: 

  • Write a book
  • Find love
  • Have a baby 
  • Start a business
  • Send your kid off to school 

Take a few minutes to identify one to three main accomplishments that you’d like to see by next December.  

If you want to take it a step further, ask yourself how you would FEEL after accomplishing these things. 

Question #3: What new empowering beliefs are you leading with and what new empowering behaviors define your success.  
This is the most important question to ask yourself.  If you want to see new accomplishments and new goals come true, we need to look at what thoughts and beliefs are driving the bus. 

We can’t get different results with similar belief systems.  So,  what new empowering beliefs are you going to cultivate that will serve you to get to the core of what matters most?  

Maybe you’re replacing the belief that I’m not good enough. 

Now, if you want to take this question further, you can ask yourself what behavior will align with that belief? 

Maybe it’s every time you think, “I’m not good enough”, you’ll go to the mirror and say out loud

“I am deserving, worthy, and good enough!” 

Now, once you’ve written down these items, go back, and write your WHY next to each section. 

This is VITAL!  It’s important to know from an emotional space why these items mean so much to you so you can stay connected and energized. 

Woohoo!! Celebrate – that was great work! And you’re done. Yup — that’s all you have to do for this week.

Coming up next week is the final part of our three-part exercise. Stay tuned for that. 

For right now, I want to know in the comments below… what’s the thing that matters MOST to you for this next year ahead, what new empowering belief are you going to lead with and what do you want to say you’ve accomplished this year?  

Let me know in the comments below or tag me on social media at @elyse_wagner so I can cheer you on!! 

Remember, you create your health and life! 

Make sure you subscribe to our emails. Until next time, thank you so much for watching, reading, and commenting! I’ll catch ya next time!