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Your Year In Review (Part 1) Three Powerful Year-In-Review Questions That Will Set You Up for a Fabulous Year Ahead

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This year has been extraordinarily difficult on many levels. At times, life has felt impossible, full of struggles, setbacks and pure breakdowns. Then there have been days when everything seems “normal.”

You may want to speed ahead and get through this year as quickly as possible, but I encourage you to slow down to reflect on the lessons this year has brought you.

With kids and work transferred to home, becoming a teacher overnight, parenting 24/7, managing a household, while trying to be a partner, co-worker or boss can seem like a superhero act.

Sometimes you get left out of the equation.

With this type of monumental change, you may be thanking your lucky stars the kids are safe, they’ve been fed and the house didn’t burn down. You may be asking, “Should I even focus on myself… is it even worth it right now?”

Heck YES it’s worth it – because you’re worth it! When you feel better, your world gets better.

There’s so much untapped wisdom and lessons to be learned from the past 12 months. Figure out those lessons and use them to fuel your growth in the upcoming year.

Before you set out on your New Year Goal setting, take a few minutes to Review your Year.

We have a tendency to focus on the negative and I want to encourage you to seek out all the goodies from this past year.

Today, I’m sharing 3 simple and powerful questions to get to the heart of what you learned, what’s holding you back and what you want more of this upcoming year.

All you need is your

Whenever I need clarity quickly, I turn to these questions. Want to create health + happiness goals in the New year? Answer these simple questions.

To make this more enjoyable and easy, we’ve created a fantastic mini-planning sheet for you here. Grab it now!

Whatever you’ve been struggling with, mistakes you’ve made, losses you’ve had – please know – you’re not alone.

If you don’t have time to begin this exercise right now, that’s OK! Take action with one of these starter steps below. They’re like gentle reminders.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Leave a pen and paper out on your desk or where you plan to review your year.
  • Leave yourself a post-it note or make a reminder on your phone to go off.
  • Schedule a block of relaxed time to review.

Once you’ve chosen your ONE starter step, celebrate!

Then it’s time for a tiny transformation. Listen to the video, read the transcript or answer one of the questions.

As you take action, you’ll start to increase your confidence, feel joy and freedom.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Once you’re done reading, watching or listening, share your insights, a-ha moments, questions and feedback in the comments below.

Specifically share:

  • One lesson learned
  • A starter step you’ll take
  • A limiting belief you want to let go of

This is a community of like-minded souls who love learning from each other. What you have to say matters and it also inspires others to live their healthiest lives.

Sharing your Year in Review is an excellent tradition and way to connect with friends and family while providing support and accountability plus great conversation. It’s always fun getting healthy together.

Thank you for sharing your insights, dreams, goals and thoughts with us. We appreciate you and your voice.

P.S. If you found value in this simple, yet insightful exercise, please share it with a friend! I would greatly appreciate it and I know they would too!