Should you celebrate your failures? Yes, here’s why!

If you want to win at creating health, happiness and a life you love… stop everything you’re doing, put the matcha tea down and let’s dive in…

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my 3 part process to celebrating your failures and using them as a way to push you forward, as well as a personal failure story that I’ve celebrated this past year (which has actually turned into one of my life’s biggest successes).

I’m not making this stuff up when I tell you that I celebrate when I fail — and I am going to ask you to celebrate too! Because, when you fail forward…you get to learn something about yourself, your intentions, your values and your alignment.

So often we allow the feeling of failure to weigh us down with fear that surrounds whatever it is we are trying to do. This sense of fear creates discomfort, overwhelm, and frustration.

Two things can happen at this point… The fear can keep us stuck or we can use it to move FORWARD.

When we transform that fear of failing into a space of self-love and empowerment, then the fear becomes the piece of the puzzle that moves you closer to your goals.

Instead of fixating on our failures, let’s celebrate and learn from them so we can be inspired to change them next time.

Becoming a mama has been an incredible journey… one that definitely did NOT come with an instruction manual. This allows for plenty of opportunities to celebrate (when you get it right) and even more chances to feel a sense of failure.

But you know what? It is time to flip that mama-guilt paradigm on its head and celebrate ALL the failures. Why? Because it’s all done with love. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters…

Take, for example, breastfeeding (vulnerability alert!)… I pretty much hated every minute of it, up until the 4-5 month mark. I was in pain, exhausted and overwhelmed.

There would have been no shame in giving up, there are multiple healthy ways to feed your child.

I did it because I was connected to a deeper outcome…

So, I would celebrate through my failures… even if I only breastfed her for six out of the nine times in a day, each time was a WIN. I wasn’t a failure, I was learning. She was learning. We were learning.

I took this day by day (even hour by hour). One day became two days, then one week, then one month and next thing you know…

There are juicy lessons within this journey we call health, happiness, and failure. And these failures need to be celebrated…so we can reflect, change and have a greater impact on the lives of others

Instead of seeing failure, see an opportunity to GROW! Identify what isn’t feeling good, celebrate that you found it, acknowledge it, and start to brainstorm how you’re going to move forward from it.

If you need some loving ideas for how to move past that feeling of failure, keep these handy for easy access…

Here is my 3 part process for failing forward:

1. When you feel deflated, share. You can share with a friend, your spouse, a family member, a colleague, a stranger, your dog… Letting it out will begin the process of shifting your perspective. I even invite you to share under this blog post (if you feel comfortable) so we as a community can support you.

2. Know that there is always another way, an alternative for what isn’t working. Just breathe and take a step back so you can start to consider other solutions. Start off by asking yourself, “I wonder what else I can do….” This question makes miracles happen.

3. CELEBRATE! Acknowledge that you have taken the time and energy to give yourself the space to shift your thinking and that you have created a new opportunity for yourself where before you saw a challenge. You can take this a step further and celebrate each night by taking a few minutes to write down a list of ALL the successes (large and small) you had throughout the day.

Once you’ve had a chance to read, tell me your biggest takeaway or which of the 3 principles could make the biggest impact on what you’re transforming in your life right now?

Remember to share as much insight and detail as possible. You never know who you will inspire and your story, comment or thoughts may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough

Make sure you share your comments in the blog post below.

Thank you so much for being here. You are worthy of health and happiness.