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Self-Care in 60 Seconds for Moms Who Have No Time

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Ever feel like you don’t have time for you or your self-care?

I hear it all the time from women and moms. They’re trying to balance their self-care, wellness and work and end up feeling like they don’t have time to squeeze in their own needs.

I get it! And I want to encourage you to look at self-care from a different lens.

What if you could re-charge and engage in self-care in 60 seconds? We all have 1-minute to do something for ourselves, right?

In this episode, I’m sharing 6 Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms and Working Women that take 60-seconds or less and bring a sense of calm, peace and recentering to your day.

The best part, you can do these anytime, anywhere and they’re ALL free! Set your stopwatch for a self-care break.

0-01 Breathe

Go for a walk or walk in place

Squats, jumping jacks, lunges, push-ups or burpees

Say 5 things you love about yourself in the mirror

Write down 5 things you’re grateful for

Text or email a friend

Make a cup of calming tea


Write a thank you note

Self-care can look so many different ways and there are so many ideas for self-care especially for busy moms or working women who want to balance personal and professional life.

Remember, your self-care time is personal, unique, and individual. Think of it like a fingerprint, no two are the same.

In the comments below, I would love to hear one insight, take-away or a-ha moment you had that you’re going to put into action.

Specifically, the next time you have 60-seconds, what self-care tools will you use?

I can’t wait to read your comments and support you!

Remember, we all have 60 seconds to take a break and do some self-care for ourselves.