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secret sauce recipe health elyse wagner
secret sauce recipe health elyse wagner

Creating A Lifestyle of Health & Happiness

  By ElyseWagner  

August 1, 2017

We help you make sustainable lifestyle changes by defining the root cause of your health setbacks. Through the power of whole food and Functional Medicine, we can harness your strengths and reach your specific goals.

Ditch the diets, eliminate emotional eating, and overcome mind and body ailments. The results include an insatiable palate for wellness and tools to heal from the inside out.

Together we can create empowering, individualized transformations.

  • Yields: Transformational Recipe for Health & Happiness Success


1 dose of massive self-empowerment

5 cups evidence based (nutrition + food) education

3 pints practical life tools and skills to take control of your health

6 cups confidence building exercises for your body, mind and spirit

Sprinkling of spice

Bunches of fun


1Blend all ingredients together.

2Stir in empathy and loads of experience.

3Add a healthy helping of daily positive inspiration, compassion and love through constant communication.

4This is all baked into my approach.

FAB Notes: Feel like transforming your lifestyle, health & happiness? Let's chat! Connect with me here.

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