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Sauteed Spinach with Nuts

  By Elyse

Homemade Gluten Free Challah

  By Elyse

Savory Chive & Parsley Country Biscuits (Gluten Free)

These savory herb filled biscuit will fill any room with warmth and melt in your mouth.  They're my all time favorite! Fluffy, soft and full of flavor. Spread a little grass-fed butter and enjoy each bite.

  By ElyseWagner

Blistered Green Beans & Tomatoes

Tasty with brightly colored green beans and tomatoes; a treat for your senses.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Gluten Free Noodle Kugel

Looking for "comfort food?" Then this quick and easy noodle kugel is for you. The tantalizing aroma while baking will make you ready to dig in.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Refreshing Watermelon Feta Salad

The pop of pink and the hint of green highlights the sweet and savory flavors in this light, refreshing and colorful salad.  This easy to make dish can be served as a side, snack or app.

*Antioxidant, *Detoxifying, *Purifying

  By Elyse

Sauteed Kale with Onions

This super easy recipe will surprise you with the amount of flavor and healing benefits in each bite!

  By ElyseWagner

Truffled Wild Mushroom Ragout

The perfect vegetarian soulful! Rich, creamy and oh so tasty and healing.

  By Elyse


Healing Borscht

This gorgeous red ruby soup is both cleansing and healing, not to mention bursting with color and flavor!  Serve hot or cold.

*Detoxifying, *Liver cleansing, *Antioxidant

  By Elyse

Simple Cilantro Brown Rice

I am SUCH a fan of this easy brown rice combo.  Fresh cilantro, brown rice with some zesty cumin or taco seasoning makes the best side dish to serve with Tacos, or a taco bowl, enchiladas or any Mexican inspired dish for that matter.

  By ElyseWagner

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