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himalayan salt bath

DIY Detoxing Salt Bath

Nothin' washes your stress away like a warm, relaxing bath. Give your bath (and body) an extra boost with this simple and detoxifying DIY bath salt.

  By ElyseWagner

honey age defying lotion

All natural Age-Defying Facial Moisturizer

This All-natural Age-Defying Facial Moisturizer leaves your skin feeling soft; even helps with wrinkles!

  By Jacqui Kolar

Sunscreen with SPF 30

Do you burn in a short amount of time when you're in the sun? If you're like me, I can burn in as little as 10 minutes. This sunscreen is great! Even in the intense Florida sun! I wasn't even pink. Easy to make in a short amount of time. And, it has an added benefit; moisturizing for your skin as well. Silky and smooth on your skin. A double whammy all in one container.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Homemade Castille Facial Cleanser

This Homemade Castille Facial Cleanser is easy and quick to make plus leaves your face feeling refreshed.  Get creative and add your own mix of essential oils.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Lavender Rose Homemade Facial Cleansing Grains

These homemade facial cleansing grains are quick and easy to make and will leave you with oh so silky smooth, soft skin.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Soothing Honey Face Wash

This soothing Honey Face Wash is a great for all skin types especially if you're looking to clear up some unwanted acne in a safe way.  Honey gives the wash an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory boost. Quick and easy to make plus a great alternative to the expensive facial cleansers sold by retailers.

All you have to remember is to shake it.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Intensive Healing Lip Balm

Dry and/or chapped lips? This natural lip balm will leave your lips feeling smooth and moist. Pucker up! Lip balm is very quick and easy to make. Plus, it makes a great gift.

  By Jacqui Kolar

Homemade Deodorant

This very spreadable, DIY au natural BO buster is super simple to whip up and very effective!

  By ElyseWagner

Peppermint Body Butter

This luxurious and silky body butter is simple, easy and au natural!  The peppermint will stimulate and uplift your spirits while the shea butter and olive oil highly moisturize your skin.

*Moisturizing, *Pain Relief, *Eczema Reducing

  By Elyse

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