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Planning Paralysis? 3 Tips to Powerfully Plan Your Life!

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As we ease into a new “normal,” restaurants are opening up, school is back in session and gatherings are more frequent.

Just because life is getting busier doesn’t mean your life and planning for it needs to take a backseat.

If planning and self-care get put to the backburner, it leaves me feeling drained, depleted and super stuck!

You can plan for your health, happiness, and life even when life gets busy. And planning starts now!

In today’s ETV, I answer a question from Catherine, who writes:

I’m trying to power up my planning because life is getting busy at the minute! I wondered how far ahead you fill in your daily planner? I’ve been planning the next day out each evening but I’m wondering if planning my day structure a week ahead (maybe in pencil!) may be more effective. Would love to hear your experience.

It’s time to move out of paralysis and power up your planning!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why planning your non-negotiables FIRST is a must.
  • How a secret spot to signal planning is key!
  • 3 simple tips to take back your power and start planning for your health now.

If you follow these three tips consistently for 10 days, you’ll feel fabulous!

Now it’s your turn to share inspirations or an empowered action you’ll take.

Your first empowered action? Leaving a comment below for accountability and encouragement.

In the comments below:

  • Tell us your preferred way to plan. Is it daily, weekly or monthly?
  • What type of self-care will you start planning into your day? Let us know below.
  • Join our #PlanningSelfCareFirst challenge, follow and tag @elyse_wagner or @feelfabplanner on Instagram

Whether you join us for the 10-day #PlanningSelfCareFirst or not, remember this:

You’re the CEO of your health and happiness! Make sure to plan for your self-care first.