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Feel like giving up?
Learn one self-care practice that can help you level up!

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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt proud? I mean, really looked at your eyes in the mirror, straight into your soul and were able to truly forgive yourself and a commitment to show up for yourself. 

Truth be told – I feel like giving up a lot. It’s normal and human nature. But there’s strength in perseverance.

If you feel like giving up, stop right where you and start showing up for yourself. You can turn yourself around by walking to the nearest mirror or by picking up your journal to start this practice.

Some days it takes 30 seconds and other days it takes 3 minutes. The point is to show up for yourself and level up.

Because if you don’t show up for you, who will?

In today’s ETV episode, I’m sharing my latest self-care work that I’ve been practicing daily. It’s super simple to do and it may bring up a tear or two. ?

It’s time to take this wisdom and put it into inspired action…

Here’s what I want you to do now. Grab your journal and write down 3 things that you realized about yourself during the mirror exercise or as you were jotting things down.

Go ahead and stretch yourself… see if you can write down three! If you get one or two, that’s great!

Remember, if this triggers you in any way… B R E A T H E – and relax into the feeling knowing that this too will pass.

Once you’ve written your 1-3 take-aways in your journal, share in the comments below.

  • Specifically, take a moment and share:
  • One thing you’re committed to do for you
  • One thing you’re forgiving yourself for
  • One think you’re proud of.

I’ll see you in the comments to cheer you on and support you!

Remember, you’re worthy of feeling proud of who you are! It takes a pinch of forgiveness and a scoop of commitment!

The next time you feel like giving up, show up for yourself and use this simple exercise.

With loads of love and support,

See you next time on ETV!