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Learn A Ridiculously Fast
Self-Care Routine
You Can Implement
in 60-Seconds or Less


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Think self-care needs to be a full day at the spa?

One of the biggest concerns I hear is not having any time to implement self-care, let alone an entire day to devote to it.

So why not make it simple, easy, and something that feels good?

What if all it took was 60-seconds?

Today’s ETV episode shows you a simple but speedy process to choose a unique self-care activity and take action in 60 seconds or less.

Speed isn’t always our friend, but it’s helpful to get us into self-care action mode instead of sitting in the emotional stew.

Keep reading and watching below.

Self-care means something different for you, your friend, co-worker and neighbor. If you’re curious about what self-care is and is not, keep reading more here.

Self-care could be a trip to the spa, but it could also be taking 1-2 minutes and making your bed first thing in the morning.

The key to identifying how to give yourself the best self-care? Ask yourself this specific question.

What are you needing at this moment? What type of self-care can you give yourself?

0-01 Pause & Grab a Journal
Draw a circle and identify what type of self-care. Is it mental, emotional, physical, financial.
Come up with 3-5 options to fulfill your needs or give yourself self-care.
Star, circle, or underline 1-2 of those options.
Ask yourself how you can implement that option into your life RIGHT NOW – in the next 60 seconds. Break it down so it’s easy, simple, and ultimately feels good.
Step into self-care action mode.
Reflect – how do you feel now? Is your need met?

Once you’ve taken action for 60-seconds you can continue to implement self-care and flex your confidence muscle to build and weave self-care into your everyday life.

Download the self-care idea sheet. 60 self-care activities you can do in 60 seconds or less.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect or done at a specific time or day or take up a day. Once in a while, that’s great. But this is a way to be realistic and in the moment.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s ONE insight you’re taking away from today? Leave your comments below. Specifically, share one self-care act you’ll take 60-seconds to implement. How did it feel? How did you feel afterward?

When you share your inspiring words, thoughts, and actions, it empowers and encourages others to do the same.

Thank you so much for reading, watching, and participating and I’ll catch ya next time on ETV!

With warmth, love, and support!