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How To Take The Stress & Anxiety Out of Gift Giving With A Simple 2-Minute Exercise

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Love the holiday season but hate giving gifts? Do you get completely overwhelmed at the thought of having to buy the “perfect” gift for someone? Maybe you feel an avalanche of anxiety overcome you and stress out when you have no idea what to give someone on your list?

Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs any more stress this year.

Instead of panicking, procrastinating, and trying to find the perfect gift at the last minute, watch today’s video blog. If you’re that person that gets overwhelmed with anxiety when having to give a gift, I think you’ll find relief in what I’m sharing.

In today’s video, I’m gonna walk you through my super simple plan and process for a stress-free gift-giving experience.

All you need is

  • 2-10 min
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Pad or Paper or the FAB Planner

Extra Tips: 

    1. Make a list of who you’re buying gifts for this year. 
    2. Set a budget for each person you’re buying gifts for. Stick to this budget.
    3. Run each person you’re not sure what gifts to get through this simple wonderstorming process.






Still need gift ideas? Here’s a done for you gift-giving guide for anyone in your life who’s a:


The Health Enthusiast:


  • Mason Jars with lids, Target or Amazon 
  • Stainless Steel Straws & Brush, Klean Kanteen
  • Smoothie Secrets Revealed Recipe Book
  • Grocery Gift Card, Whole Foods, Thrive, Amazon, Target 
  • Magic Bullet, Target 

The Planner:

The Wellness Guru:

The Gluten-Free Baker:

Once you’ve finished watching this video, leave your comments below.  Specifically, share one person you’re going to run this gift-giving exercise on.  Who was it? Your mom, husband, brother, friend, sister-in-law, boss or colleague? Or, leave one of your favorite gift ideas below! 

Your take-aways inspire and encourage others to plan and own their health and happiness.  

Your energy, time, and health are far more important than stressing out about gifts.  Remember, the best all-time gift you can give this year is your presence. 

Thank you for reading, watching, and commenting. 

All my love and support,