How To Spread Love Anywhere You Go

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When you make the conscious decision to love and accept yourself without condition, you will begin to see the positive ripple effect go from your inner world to your outer world.

The possibility of your own personal healing affecting the lives of your family, your friends, the people you work with or the community you serve is CERTAIN!

That’s because giving yourself the gift of healing, gives someone else permission to do the same (or maybe it sparks the idea that they have the choice to do the same).

So your inner healing becomes this beautiful healing energy that spreads out to everything and everyone around you!

Loving yourself becomes contagious — your positive energy and joyful attitude (because you are TOTALLY feeling yourself) is going to be absorbed by those around you.

Also, when you are HAPPY in your own skin, you are more easy going, empathetic, and your energy is more open to giving and receiving LOVE.

You begin to CRAVE doing small acts of love for others…

And if you’ve been following along during this juicy month of focusing in on loving yourself, then you might be ready to share that love with those around you.

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So, in celebration of love and in the spirit of community healing, here are some ideas for you to share the love with others:

Express gratitude – This will amplify all of those good feelings AND brings in even more juicy goodness! And when you express and share what you are grateful for with those around you, it plants the seed that they can do the same.

Forgive – Forgiveness is magical, it is freeing… and it is for both the forgiv-er and the forgiv-ee. If you have been holding on to something that is straining your relationship with someone (or even with yourself), give yourself permission to allow this beautiful act of love and forgiveness to release you from that strain and pain.

Send flowers or a care package –This can be as simple or over-the-top as you like! Choose someone you love who is needing a sweet showering of love and send them something you know will make them smile.

Give a compliment – One to someone you know and one to a stranger.

Thank you note – Think of someone who you feel is a gift in your life. Write them a thank you note and give it to them

Give 10 hugs this week – I am talking a good hug that comes from your heart, allow it to last for as long as it feels comfortable for you and the other person. But notice how you feel during a longer hug. In fact, let’s try an experiment: invite someone to have a minute long hug with you. How did you feel at 10 seconds, 30 seconds and the minute mark?

When you are loving all up on yourself, it just feels right and soooooo good to share the love with others, am I right?!

I would love to hear what some of your favorite acts of love to share with others are, and which one you are going to try out from our list… let me know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for reading and participating — AND if you know someone who would absolutely love to read to hear this message – send it with love!