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Hear How Rejection, Conversion Therapy, and Exclusion Helped Erika Create Her Path To Health & Happiness

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Imagine this as a teen…

Your parents call you to the kitchen and say, “We need to ask you a question.”

Thoughts of fear and dread flood your mind. What if they know… what will they think? Who will I be?

You know your true self is trapped inside you and if you share who you really are… the ultimate rejection might happen.

This is exactly what happened as Erika Allison stood in her parents’ kitchen in Houston, Texas back in the late ’90s.

“Are you a homosexual? Are you something like that?” asked Erika’s Dad.

In that moment, Erika felt like this was her moment of truth. Do I tell them? Can I trust that maybe this is going to go Okay? She questioned herself and paused while her dad encouraged her to share the truth only to have her mom come in and share that if she was, she’d be sent away.

The only option at the time? To play it safe and protect herself. So she stayed quiet.

As Erika says, she gave the “self-preservation” answer. I said, “I don’t know, I’m confused. And I’m not sure.” And because she said that, the question turned to how can we “help” Erika, and the answer… conversion therapy.

But it was too late. The pain, confusion, and rejection had already been sensed for years. Erika felt that she was a monster.

Her unending journey led her full circle where she is now happy and peaceful with her whole self.

If you haven’t met Erika yet, I guarantee you will absolutely love her energy, zest for life, and respect the journey she has walked not only for herself but now for others and their families.

Erika has spent most of her life on a journey to coming back to self-love, peace, forgiveness, and

she is a true unicorn! She’s got courage, grit, compassion, and soul and is here to show us a path to reconnect and rebuild trust with our inner compass and self.

Anyone who’s ever received any kind of rejection or exclusion messaging such as, “not good enough, something’s wrong with you or your broken messages”…

Will benefit from hearing Erika’s story.

Watch and learn:

  • The #1 fear that keeps women and men from coming out – and how to get past it.
  • 7 Steps to Self-Healing.
  • Why now is the best time to love yourself.
  • Fired up about conversion therapy? What type of help is really needed.
  • 7 tips to accelerate your healing path and journey.
  • How to find out who you need to forgive first.

If you’re ready to overcome rejection and fear, this episode is for you.

Once you’ve watched the video or listened, it’s your turn to share your insights below.

As Erika says, “You can get through whatever you’re experiencing especially when you have the support and a community that totally loves and accepts you.”

Let’s create that type of space now.

In the comments below please share one insight or a-ha moment you took away from this episode today.

Remember, there’s way more about each of us that is similar than is different.

Even though it doesn’t seem like much, just holding space for someone to be accepted and loved exactly as who they are, matters.

We’ve all been there and experienced a time where we felt rejected, confused, hurt or like a monster.

When you feel rejected or like you’re wrong for who you truly are, remember what Erika shares…

“Don’t underestimate the amount of care that we all need as sensitive human beings.”

Give yourself and others that care simply by holding space.