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Have to Plan for more than one person?
Learn simple tips that keep you sane and organized.

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While there’s nothing like having a beautiful clean looking planner, I want you to remember one thing…

Sometimes, planning for all the things doesn’t always look pretty, but in the long run it helps you stay sane and organized.

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end.
– Robin Sharma

Today, you’ll hear my encouragement to Denise, a mom of 4, entrepreneur and aspiring health coach who wants to know how to plan for ALL the things in ONE place. (my answer… easy!)

Watch the video to learn three different strategies so you can plan for pretty, productive and peace of mind.

Remember, your brain doesn’t need to house all of this information. But your planner can. At a glance, you can feel at peace and confident that you know what’s going on, who needs to be where and, most of all, what your self-care will look like at a glance.

If you’re afraid of getting your planner messy, etc… remember, it’s there for you to hold and contain all of the information you need.

You may need to tweak your thinking around planning or how you plan, not what you plan.

Remember, the first person to plan for is you, your health and happiness. Choose to plan the things that bring you the most calm, comfort and confidence knowing you’ve got it handled.

You are magical, amazing and can do anything you set your mind to! ?

With warmth and gratitude,