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From imprisonment to empowerment.
Hear how one woman transformed her life
with a single decision.

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Your personal power can do one of two things.

Keep you stuck in disempowering patterns.

Or empower you to positive transformation.

The result depends on a single decision. Are you using your power to feel, think, and be disempowered? Or are you using your power to become purposefully empowered to serve yourself and others?

Our guest today on ETV will help you see where your power lies.

Shila Roethel is an aromatherapist, speaker, Director of Strategic Partnerships, and women in prison supporter. She is also the author of Hands-on with Essential Oils.

Shilah knows a thing or two about empowerment after being incarcerated for most of her teen and young adult life. But she’s not staying stuck in her past or letting herself or others around her be disempowered any longer.

She’s using her power to move forward and lead other women too. Shilah says, “I went through all of this crap so that other people can learn from it, and they can either not have to go through it or they can realize that it happens to other people too. I’m not just the only person that this stuff happens to.”

The truth is, you’re one bold decision away from an empowering thought.

This conversation made me think of the innate power each of us has every day, every hour, every minute to choose how we want to use our power and how life can transform and unfold with one EMPOWERED decision.

Shilah shares honestly about prison life, trauma, bold decision making, trust, and our innate ability to empower ourselves and others.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Let things go to grow.
  • Identify the real thing holding you back (and it’s right in front of you).
  • Make an empowered decision that impacts the lives of others, not just yourself.Whether or not you’re struggling with empowerment or disempowerment, this episode is a must-watch. Shilah’s story is impactful, guaranteed.

Now Shilah and I would love to hear from you.

In the comments below, share these two questions:

0-01   What’s your biggest insight, takeaway, or aha moment from this episode?
  What’s the next most empowered action or thought you can choose right now? While there are always going to be people, places, or situations that are empowering or disempowering, you are always in control of your thoughts and decisions. Choose empowering things to think.


As Shilah says: “I’m always looking to better myself and help other people around me.”

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With warmth and gratitude,