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Feeling disconnected? Try this.

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With all the busyness of life… Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself or others?

Truth be told, living with my husband, dog, and child in close quarters for the last 12 months, has had me feeling more disconnected than ever.

Something had to shift.

With some perspective and space (thank goodness for school and work reopening), it became clear that I was disconnected from myself too. Since Rob (my hubby) and my love language of quality time was non-existent…

Words of affirmation (our second love language), came in at a close second and I had a bright idea to share with you. ?

If it’s been a while since you’ve felt connected to yourself or someone you care about, I encourage you to try this out!


If you haven’t given or accepted a compliment in a while, I encourage you to try this out!

In this week’s ETV episode, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how I practice reconnection with myself and my husband. It’s easy, fun, and makes you feel good, too! ?

Alright! It’s time to flex and stretch your self-care muscles while taking inspired action.

Go ahead and grab a pen and post it note! Write a compliment to yourself. It could be that you love the color of your hair or eyes, or the way your collarbone looks in a specific shirt; how you laugh or your kind heart and compassion.

All you need is just one compliment.

Once you’ve written your compliment, go ahead and post it! Here’s a few ideas on where you can post your compliments:

  • Front and center on your bathroom mirror
  • Computer screen
  • Review mirror or dashboard in your car
  • Fridge
  • Or someplace where you’ll see it often

Once you’ve written your compliment, share in the comments below with a check mark or write DONE that you completed this self-care challenge OR if you’re feeling super brave and courageous, you can share the compliment you wrote to yourself or a loved one!

I’ll go first!

Remember, the next time you feel disconnected from yourself, a friend, family member, spouse or child, you can always brighten up their day with a compliment from your heart to theirs!

I can’t wait to read the compliments you have written to yourself!

See you in the comments.

With loads of love and support,

See you next time on ETV!