The Feel FAB Planner

I have more time and have never been more organized and focused about creating simple shifts to my health & happiness!

Start using the FAB Planner and you’ll be creating habits that elevate your health and happiness in minutes or hours.

Do you relate to this? 

“This past year has been so disorienting, I’ve lost track of any routine. I have good intentions every day and then, somewhere between starting my day and getting ready for bed, my plan for eating healthy and working out gets lost. It’s so frustrating.”

“I have a lot of ways I want to get healthier, but I’m not making any strides toward my goals and it’s starting to wear thin. I may as well give up.

“I’ve tried planning in the past, but I’m embarrassed because
I can never stick to a plan consistently.

We’re here to help you. 

“I have definitely seen a big difference using this planner. I’m more productive. I have a more positive attitude. I’m attaining more goals. I’ve learned to be more grateful.”

—Diane Rountree, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

There is such an abundance of helpful information included that it’s like having a health coach with you every day helping with yearly and monthly goal-setting while also organizing the day to be more productive and less stressed.

The place for “wonderstorming” is a fun, organized way to set my goals for each lifestyle category for the year, month, and/or week and use these to keep moving forward.

The page, Reflecting on Last Year with the invitation to show gratitude, helped me to set goals for this year.

I loved the Year in Preview that has several questions to help you reflect and celebrate, which helped to create an optimistic mindset!

A huge plus for me is the positive affirmations intentionally put on each weekly plan like “Your light is stronger than your fear.”

Another great perk is that there is a private Facebook support community! What a great way to communicate with like-minded people.

When I’ve purchased planners in the past, I was always having to draw lines to organize the day into compartments.

This planner has it all organized, not only a place to list your whole schedule for the day, but also, a place for the most important action items, a place to track food and water, affirmations, and self-care.


This is, for sure, the best planner I have ever purchased, and I am so grateful to Elyse for making this so easy to use and for sharing it with us.

Good Planning Works
Miracles in Your Health & Happiness

Transform Your Health Miraculously in Minutes A Day.

You can plan and create habits that align with your highest self, values, and goals and transform your life for the better.

You can plan with purpose and intention, stay organized without being stressed or overwhelmed and, most importantly, prioritize your self-care.


What if this was you…

  My personal happiness has been off the charts. Every time I think or speak, I lead with my strengths and a positive attitude. I’m a complete 180 from the “Negative Nancy” I used to be.”
  Anytime my health or life goals shift or change, I adjust my goals myself. No need to hire an expensive therapist, personal trainer or nutritionist.”
  My confidence has increased by 700%. Holy guacamole!”
  I’ve completed a fitness goal in two weeks that took me two years to start!”
  My friends and colleagues are messaging me to share how my energy and vibrance are contagious.”
  I’ve finally lost the last 15 lbs and I’m keeping it off!”

…all in less time than it takes to order your favorite take-out food (and with a much better meal plan!)

The Feel FAB Planner

What you need to become the CEO of your Health & Happiness –

The FAB planner is a digital and spiral-bound planner designed to get you started on your health and happiness habits – now!

By using the FAB planner, you’ll be able to…

  Joyfully Plan & Prioritize

No more putting off your self-care until the dishes are done and the dog’s been walked. You’ll be able to plan for your month, day or week ahead the moment you cozy up with your planner, without the negative committee piping up in your mind.

  Plan With Confidence & Consistency

Put an end to planning that never goes anywhere. You’ll learn how to plan concisely and create goals that you’ll knock out of the ball park each and every time.

  Plan 2-3x Faster

Stop spending all day mulling over and agonizing over your to-do list and what you haven’t done yet. Planning your day/month/week doesn’t need to take hours. With a treasure trove of planning tools and tips, wonderstorming techniques and one-of-a-kind exercises, you’ll be popping out goals and planning in double the time, with none of the pressure/drag.

  Plan Without Anxiety/Overwhelm

There’s people out there counting on you to be the best YOU that you have to give. Learn how to share your gifts while being the happiest/healthiest version of you.

I had almost given up on staying on track with my goals. I’ve bought multiple planners in the past and the results were the same. Planners that didn’t fit my unique needs, no extra support, and ultimately ended up collecting dust in the corner. No matter where I looked, all the planners seemed the same. I almost bought it again.

Thank goodness for Elyse’s Feel FAB Planner. Now I get to use this wonderful tool to help me stay on track and accountable to myself so I can fulfill my promises and goals both professionally and personally!

With loving affirmations and a supportive structure, I like the flexibility to segment out my day, by the hour, or by looking at the top three things that would be most impactful to complete. There is a wider-view for each month, and a way to conceptualize your dreams for the year more broadly as well.

No matter how you organize (or don’t!) it’s flexible enough for anyone to use and feel supported. My FAB Planner helps me stick to my plan for a brighter, healthier, and more self-loving day, month and year ahead!

—Lauren Rice, Functional Medicine Nutritionist Washington, D.C.

What’s Inside

Mobile & tablet friendly
This Planner offers flexibility – You fill in the date & year.  
Plan At Your Own Pace
Revisit as often as you want. The materials are yours forever.

The FAB Planner materials include a workbook, real-life examples 24/7 community and accountability all available at your fingertips when you purchase the planner.

Planning Tools

Bonus Resources



Planning Templates

The FAB Planner Works
Here’s the Proof

Before the FAB Planner, I was always running late, eating unhealthy foods, and falling off my goals. Now, I’m on time, eating healthy, and staying on my goals.

I am obsessed with my FAB Planner! I was about to spend $900 on a coach to help me plan the next three months. Instead, I purchased the FAB Planner. It feels so good to plan and be in control of your health and happiness.

Before the FAB Planner, I was always running late, eating unhealthy foods, and falling off my goals. The planner has helped to keep me positive and focused on my goals. It has helped me see when I am “falling off the wagon” with my food, exercise, and water. As a teacher, I spend countless hours on remote learning, so sometimes I opt for fast and easy meals. The planner has helped me stay organized so I am always in attendance for my classes, meetings, and other appointments.

—Jacqui Kolar, Teacher, Chicago, IL USA

I was not a planner, but now I am. I have goals and know that I want more out of life and I now I have a plan to get there.

This planner makes you the CEO of your own life. I absolutely need to integrate food into my work plan. It’s professional and integrated with a person that’s living that professional life. I’m doing a better job now of integrating myself.
I like this planner. I feel like this planner gets me much better because I absolutely need to integrate food into my work plan.

This is for a very professional female. I love love love this planner. This planner gets me.

—Jewels Duncan, Entrepreneur, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

I’m a big fan of how the F.A.B. Planner creates daily small victories, causing the user to keep taking steps that produce tangible results. The F.A.B. planner kept me on track in 2020 toward my goal of walking 1,500 miles!

—Tony Twymon – Health Coach, Hollywood, Florida, USA

Finally, a planner where there is room for me to write my goals! The FAB planner helps me stay on track and be more organized! I would totally recommend this planner to my friends and family.

—Jackie Jabbary, Head of Execution, Los Angeles, CA

The Fab Planner is highly organized with details for each day about food, positive attitude, and self-care. Before this planner, I would eat mindlessly. Now, I am thoughtful about what I am eating because I get to write down my meals. What I’ve found is writing things down is an amazing self-awareness practice.

—John Maxwell, Chicago, IL, USA

I like the pre-planning of what your monthly goal is. Lots of other workbooks have daily, or even weekly planning but do not incorporate a monthly goal. I used this planner to help me achieve a big-time goal of mine, which was getting the remainder of a massage class put together. This planner helped me stay on track, and helped my fiancé to follow up with my progress and goals.

—Shilah Roethel, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Simply Earth, Wisconsin, USA

Reaching the goals I outlined for myself in my first month of using the FAB Planner. I want to keep going!

This is your one-stop-shop to keep your life intentionally focused. Elyse’s Feel FAB Planner is the place to house all of the things swirling around in your brain, or in my case, on several different pages of unused planners laying around the house.

The Feel FAB Planner has truly transformed the way I set goals and actually follow through with my goals. I see them daily and follow the guided and manageable steps outlined to reach them, without having to sacrifice tracking my daily work schedule and well-being at the same time. It’s all here.

Each month and week are completely customizable, and you can start at any point in the calendar year. Genius! Live the organized life you dream of, with help from the Feel FAB Planner.

—Taryn Placko, Development Manager at Advocate Health, Chicago, IL

Let’s Sum It Up:

Here’s everything you’ll get in the FAB Planner

[$100 Value!]  Year In Review Workbook so that you can look back and see all that you accomplished, learn lessons and regain focus!

[$100 Value!]  Year In Preview Workbook so that you can create a plan for the upcoming year and clarify what goals are most important and meaningful for you.

[$100 Value!]  Advanced Planning Bonuses & Done For You Templates so that you can plan with ease and not procrastinate trying to figure out how to plan.

[$20 Value!]  Planning Playlist so that you can enjoy great music that motivates you while you plan.

[$50 Value!]  Self-Love Affirmation Audio so you can plan in peace and calm.

[$100 Value!]  Self-Care & Lifestyle Planning which helps keep you on track in all areas of your life.

[Priceless!]  Access to hundreds of recipes so that you can create healthy, tasty meals.

[Priceless!]  24/7 Community on a private FB Group so that you can receive accountability, support and feedback. 

Total FAB Planner Value: $420

Total FAB Planner Investment: Only $39

It’s important that you understand the enormous value you’re getting in this planner.

To sum it up, you’ll create an inspiring plan, measure your progress and make changes along the way, based on realistic and achievable goals.

Give yourself permission to pursue your goals and dreams you tucked away years ago.

Become the CEO of your health with the confidence to create life-changing habits!

What if you could reclaim your health for 11 cents a day.

Your Alternative:

Hire a life coach or consultant

There’s typically two scenarios when hiring someone to do your health planning for you.


You can hire a high-level consultant and pay thousands of dollars, but you risk being disappointed. Most times, you are provided with a cookie cutter plan without time being taken to create a personalized plan created just for you based on your values, family dynamics, and the unique lifestyle you lead.

The FAB planner was created with the intention that you go through the process of answering specific questions and take the time to delve into your needs so that you become the CEO of your health.

Our clients tell us they have found so much value in using the planner and participating in the private Facebook group.


You hire a planning consultant who focuses on helping improve health.

Most consultants charge anywhere from $25-250 an hour, and when you go this route, it’s usually met with disappointment. Not because they don’t know what they’re talking about, or how to coach; simply because it’s hard to find a support partner who:

  • Understands your values, family dynamics, and unique lifestyle you lead.
  • Keeps your top priorities and goals at the forefront
  • Knows what needs to be done to accomplish your goal

Imagine never having to wait around for someone to create your health plan, goals, habits, and routines. You will have the tools to create your own plan!

And you want to know something? I (Elyse) still plan for my health and happiness on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I LOVE having the power to create my ideal day, week, month, and life on the spot!

The individuals whose health and lives have taken off are those who have learned how to plan for their health and happiness (in many cases with our help). They didn’t start out as planners. Some will tell you they barely knew how to plan for their own self-care.

As they’ve gotten more confident and comfortable planning for themselves, their eating, sleeping, being, movement, self-care, and thinking habits have transformed and their positive impact in the lives of others has soared into another stratosphere.

Start Planning Now

Choose the FAB Planner That’s Right For You

Digital FAB Planner



Digital FAB Planner +
Spiral-Bound Planner



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Still not sure?

Here’s what the FAB Planners have to say:


—Ashleigh Anderson, Carmel, CA

“There’s simply no other planner on the market that is comparable! The FAB Planner is the trifecta in encouraging, empowering and focusing on the essentials to creating a life of health and happiness that you crave and fits your unique lifestyle.”

Using the F.A.B. Planner has allowed me to distinguish and plan out my urgent priorities as well as my long term goals in the same space. This brings a new perspective and sense of calm through putting it down on a page instead of constantly needing to rely on thinking of (and remembering) everything.  A big win for me has been that on days when ‘life happens’ and I get behind schedule, I can open my planner and see what still needs to be done. I can then fit it in elsewhere within the week. This helps me to avoid the feeling of becoming overwhelmed and lost in many tasks with no clear path to catching up. I adjust and carry onward!

Denise Pearl, Home Daycare Owner, Vernon Hills, IL 

Start Planning Now

Choose the FAB Planner That’s Right For You

Digital FAB Planner



Digital FAB Planner +
Spiral-Bound Planner



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One other thing…

Make no mistake, your health is your wealth, and your power to plan is the only thing standing between you and your goals. You owe it to yourself and the people you serve, to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself as possible.

You have untapped potential and a whole fabulous life waiting for you!

The Feel FAB Planner comes with a 100% 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Plan daily and see how your health and happiness unfold. There’s no limit to the health and happiness success you’ll be able to create.

Q & A Answered!


The FAB Planner comes with a support and accountability community through our Facebook group! The FAB Planner materials include a workbook, real-life examples, and support/community and accountability are available right at your fingertips when you purchase the planner. 

Planning Tools

Bonus Resources



Planning Templates

Anyone who wants to create health and happiness in their life.

Reduce overwhelm and anxiety. 

Stay focused on what really matters without getting side- tracked. 

Become the CEO of their health and life.

Yes! And much more.  Decide what each droplet means to you (1 bottle, 1 Litre etc…) and  fill in the water bubble as you complete your goal each day!

Yes.  We love to share examples on how you’ve planned your day, month, week and year.  Examples are in the planner and in the FAB group.

This planner is truly focused on helping you create a foundation of health and happiness for your life. While most planners focus on work, meetings and career, this is a whole life planner and helps you gain control and become the CEO of your health and happiness. The cost comes out to 11 cents a day for a year! Isn’t that worth it to you. Plus, you get the support of a private Facebook group, my support and availability for any questions you may have and notifications of supportive events to help you on your path to wellness!

We’ve baked support and accountability right into the planner.  Currently, we offer a free private Facebook group where you can post questions, wins, a-ha moments, and get the support and encouragement you need to move forward on your goals.  This community is full of like-minded people who know that when you win, everyone wins. Plus, you get my support. I am always popping into the Facebook group and posting helpful information.

You can use this planner if you want to just plan for your work meetings and daily water intake or use it for meal planning, work meetings, cleaning, appointments, working out, meditations, affirmations, financial planning etc… It’s your planner and you can use it to fit your needs. 

Totally!  The planner was created with a flexible framework so you can really plan for your own lifestyle and unique areas that you’d like to focus on.

Yes. I (Elyse) was never a planner and created this planner from scratch. Total beginner.  You can start and use the planner at your own pace. 

Yes! Depending on how big you write and your pen.  I love using a fine tip pen but always encourage having an additional journal and/or pad of paper by.

Yes.  Once you get in a groove and start setting up your habits, you’ll be able to coast and if you miss a few days of planning, no biggie.  As long as you have your goals set and a few key things that you’re taking action on, you’ll see results.

With the FAB Planner, you can customize how you plan to fit your lifestyle.  Take three hours, an hour, 10 minutes or 5 minutes to plan out what you need when you need or want it.

That depends! A health coach is an amazing addition to your life especially if you’re wanting support, education and 1-1 accountability.  The planner is there to provide guidance, support and accountability 24/7.  If you’re needing some additional 1-1 support or want someone who truly understands, you can hire a coach! We have a coach for you here.

You know your life best! That’s totally your call.  If planning digitally is your thing or you just want to save some green and be green while you’re at – go for it and grab the digital planner. If you want to give your eyes a break from the screen, the spiral-bound is a great option as well.

The planner is 8 ½ “ x 11”.  Yes! Throw it in your tote bag, briefcase, baby bag or suitcase.  You can take this planner with you everywhere you go! If you just want to print out a few pages at a time, we offer the digital planner.

The digital planner is evergreen and will give you lifetime access. However, you will be writing in the spiral-bound version and will need to purchase a new planner as you finish up your year. As time goes on and we receive feedback, we will most likely update the planner. 

Make sure you’re getting updates in our newsletter! You’ll also get weekly video tips to create health and happiness in your life and be the first to know when we offer any promotions, discounts, or additional training.

There’s 193 beautifully engaging pages in the FAB Planner – both digital and spiral- bound.

They’re exactly the same except the spiral-bound version will be printed and sent directly to your doorstep, no matter where you live. The digital version can be downloaded and you can use it immediately after you purchase.

The Feel FAB Planner comes with a 100% 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Plan daily and see how your health and happiness unfolds.  You have unlimited health potential!

We’re glad you asked! Support is available 24/7 in our FB Group.  Join and ask questions, get guidance and accountability not just from Elyse, but from the power of the community.

Start Planning Now

Choose the FAB Planner That’s Right For You

Digital FAB Planner



Digital FAB Planner +
Spiral-Bound Planner



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Consumer Testimonials: As with any health-related tool, your results using the FAB Planner may vary from these consumer testimonials. Your results will vary depending on many factors including lifestyle, motivation, skills, accountability, knowledge, personal qualities and other variables. Since each person’s goals are personalized we can not guarantee success, results or health now are we responsible for your success or failure. The FAB PLANNER is not a “magic bullet” for health or happiness. It takes commitment, discipline, time and effort. We believe we provide a great tool to achieve your desired goals and results, and these FAB Planners agree.

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