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Make Your Meditation Practice Fun, Easy and Lite.

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Have you ever made a goal to start meditating but find you can’t be in your own energy for more than 5 minutes let alone 15, 20 or 40 minutes? 

Maybe you find it hard to sit still for more than 30 seconds or you just don’t know how to meditate. 

You’re not alone. 

If you’ve been wanting to start a meditation practice, you’re in luck! In today’s video, I’m sharing with you three mini tips to make your meditation habit a whole easier.  

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Follow these steps to make your mini meditation practice fun, simple/easy and light. 

 1. Choose a practice or habit you’re already doing consistently and then commit to adding your meditation practice to this habit. This is called “anchoring.” You can ready more about it BJ Fogg’s book called Tiny Habits. 

 2. Choose how long you’re going to practice for.  It can be any length of time that you feel comfortable and confident with.  Start with one-three minutes and work your way up slowly.

 3. Celebrate! After you’ve committed and done your practice, it’s time to celebrate! Yay! Whether it’s a pat on the back, high-five, words of encouragement like, “I knew I could do it!” or “Look at you!” or a cuppa coffee, rewarding yourself helps to create positive feel good feelings and solidify your new self-care habit. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you. 

Specifically, please share ONE insight you learned and ONE action step you’ll take to start a new mini meditation practice? Share your insights and comments below.