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Douse Yourself In This Daily

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Imagine for a moment, 

A world where everyone loved themselves and others AND didn’t allow the color of someone’s skin, education, status, customs, possessions, religion, etc…threaten them.

Imagine how your personal world would look and feel if you woke up every morning completely in love with yourself. 

If you’re thinking…Okay…what does this have to do with small daily habits, Elyse ? Stay with me. 

Throughout the years, your instincts may have been swapped out with fear (usually other people’s), self-doubt, false beliefs and feelings of unworthiness. 

When this happens, we lose touch with our internal wisdom and instincts.  It’s like a cord gets unplugged. 

Many times, we end up investing a lot of energy that perpetuates our fears or beliefs that we’re not good enough, lovable or worthy. 

This creates a cascade of emotional, physical or spiritual pain and sometimes we use alcohol, food, drugs and other things that don’t serve us to numb the pain. 

It’s like investing our piggy bank of energy into other people’s expectations or what they think we should invest in. 

But, wouldn’t it be nice to invest in yourself? 

In today’s video, you’ll learn one of the simplest ways to rekindle, reclaim and reinvest in unconditional self-love for yourself and others while trusting your inner wisdom. ❤️‍?

Keep watching, reading and participating below.

“Douse yourself in affirmations daily” – Elyse Wagner  

 Affirmations work. Period. They just do. Affirmations are  one of the most powerful, simple and free tools you have at your fingertips to turn any negative or drowning thought into a powerful, positive and empowering one. 

And you can literally transform your thoughts at any moment.  

One of the things I love saying to myself (especially when I have a negative thought), “A thought is just a thought and a thought can be changed at any moment.” 

You can always choose the next most empowering, loving and kind thought. It is always a choice and that choice is yours. 

Choosing a new thought, affirmation or mantra doesn’t need to be fancy.  You don’t need a book of affirmations and you don’t need to stand in front of the mirror and repeat them to yourself.  

Here’s what you need to do. 

First, identify what type of mantras or affirmations you need to hear most.  Do you need to hear affirmations about prosperity, loving and accepting your body, knowing your worthiness, cultivating positive relationships, enjoying your career, or experiencing financial freedom? 

Once you have a category or two determined, find a handful of affirmations that you like. There are plenty of free affirmation apps, books and online resources.   

Start repeating them to yourself throughout the day.  Saying affirmations once or twice is like doing one or two bicep curls at the gym and saying you “worked out.” 

You want to have a constant and steady stream of positive affirmations flowing through your mind.  

You can say them: 

  • When you wake up in the morning 
  • Write them in a journal while you’re having your morning tea or coffee 
  • Say them while you’re showering 
  • Whenever you’re in the car (stop lights and trains are perfect spots where you can practice) 
  • While you’re on the phone 
  • During lunch 
  • As you’re going to bed 

You can write them on post-it notes or set a reminder on your phone. I put reminders on my mirror, phone, dashboard of my car and sometimes my fridge. 🙂 

Write down 10 of your favorite affirmations when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed.  You can say them outloud or quietly to yourself. 

Here are some affirmations you can use or adapt specific to self-care: 

  • I deserve to put myself first, taking care of myself and my needs. 
  • My needs are non-negotiable and I look forward to providing and nurturing my needs. 
  • I love that I am equipped to take care of myself.  It helps me feel confident, independent and empowered! 
  • It’s easy for me to unconditionally show myself love and self-care. 
  • Self-care is self-love and I am 100% worthy of experiencing both. 
  • The more self-care I show and give to myself, the easier it gets. 

If these aren’t inspiring you, come up with some affirmations that you like.  

Remember, the more emotion the affirmations stir up for you, the better!  And if you say the affirmations with feeling – the more potent and powerful they are to you. 

Saying these affirmations to yourself at first might feel unnatural.  But please realize that these affirmations are leading back to your inner wisdom and unconditionally loving self. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you.  What’s ONE new insight you took away from today? Leave your comments below.  I can’t wait to hear from you. 

 As Louise Hay, the Godmother of Self-Help said, “If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.” 

THAT’S the kind of world I want to live in and believe it’s possible. Join me in making it a reality by practicing this simple tool.