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Don’t Plan Without These Two Tools

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We ALL feel lost sometimes. It’s part of life. But how do you get back on track?

Anytime these feelings come up, know you have options. You can choose to:

  • Disregard your feelings and continue down the path you’re on OR
  • Own your feelings, get back on track, and continue to dream big!

On eTV today, I’m teaching my 2 favorite FAB tools that you can use to plan your year, month, week, or day and even down to your dinner for tonight.

Wonderstorming and choosing a feeling over a word keep you on track with your health and happiness goals this year.

They’re both super easy and you can take action on them right away.

If you haven’t done your Year in Review and Your Year in Preview, I encourage you to pause this video and then go ahead and watch those videos.

For this video, you’ll want to grab your FAB Planner or notebook and pen.  Plus there’s some FAB download to help you through two key exercises.


My most favorite functional tool – plus the name is awesome.  

Wonderstorming means to think creatively and imagine all that is possible for you. 

This tool can be used for anything and everything.  Here are a few examples:

  • Finances
  • Business & Career 
  • Relationships
  • Health & Wellness 

Let’s look at one example and then we’ll break it down into digestible parts for you. 

STEP 1: Choose Your Lifestyle Category
Choose one of the lifestyle categories you’d like to wonderstorm about. Once you’ve chosen, write it down and draw a circle around it.

This is where you can start wondering. It sounds a bit like this, “I wonder what my health and wellness means to me? or “I wonder what it looks like to me on a daily basis?”

Then, you can start putting your ideas down on paper.

Wonderstorming is really just about putting the main focus and goal right in the middle, and then having little arrows, branches or spokes come out with your ideas on how you can accomplish that goal.

Now, the key to doing this the right way. The “right” way is to not judge yourself as you go through this process. Give yourself permission to put whatever comes to mind down on the paper so you can see the words.

STEP 2: Organize Ideas
Next, you’ll want to gather ideas. What’s one to three things that you want to focus on or vision out for this area of your life?

Meditate Daily: Practice 20 minutes of daily meditation.

Exercise & Movement: That might look like getting on a zoom call and doing a yoga practice with other women, or finding another type of class online.

Eating Whole Real Foods: Cooking from home as much as possible.

STEP 3: Choose One to Three Ideas to TAKE ACTION ON
Once you’ve identified up to three ideas in each area of your health and wellness, you can then pick as many as you’d like. I always find choosing one to three is the most helpful and least overwhelming.

These will turn into your goals for the year ahead.

This process can be repeated for every life category you have or just stick to one area.

It is an important fun tool where you can get everything on paper and it’s done in an organized way. Here’s what it looks like in the FAB planner as a blank page.

Daily Wonderstorming: Here’s how you can use this tool in your daily life. Whatever you find yourself wondering about, put it down onto paper so it stops taking up headspace in your brain.

For example: “Gosh, I wonder what I have in the fridge or the freezer or the pantry that I could make tonight. Something that’s going to align with my goals to eat whole real foods and stay on track with my health and wellness goals.”

Take out a piece of paper, napkin, or post-it note, and put DINNER in the middle. Next, add 1-3 ideas around your circle. Pick one and go with it!

All right, so that is Wonderstorming in a nutshell.

FAB Feelings:
Let’s move on to the next powerful tool. Many people focus on a word for the year. Instead of words, focus on feelings.

Why? Your feelings are amazing information indicators. They let you know when you feel something in our bodies and give you a chance to say, “Hey wait a second. I’m not really feeling this, or I am really feeling that” and ultimately give you more information for you to make better decisions.

You can’t choose or make a decision from your rational brain. When you make a choice, your basal ganglia is notified and is connected to your limbic system and GI tract. So you’ll get a feeling sensation or that “gut feel” to help you know if you’re on track or not.

This year, identify a positive FAB feeling. Something uplifting that really resonates with you or where you want to go now. Let it be your North Star or compass on where you’re going and when you’re on track. And we’ve got a FAB Sheet to help you identify that feeling.
Grab it now.  

There’s definitely going to be days and times where you’ve identified a feeling that you want to have but you may not feel that way all of the time.

However, this feeling will help you decide if you’re aligned and on track with where you’re going, or if you’ve gotten off the beaten path. Your feelings give information and ultimately help to determine your actions, responses, results, and behavior.

When you can start to cultivate those feelings on a regular basis, that’s going to become your regular state of being and your regular state of mind. Very, very powerful.

So that’s what I have for you today. After you finish reading, watching, and listening, take action now by leaving a comment below.

Specifically, share

  • Your feeling for the year and/or
  • One area that you’re going to try the Wonderstorming exercise.

Your stories, messages, and questions are inspiring and they encourage other people to take ownership of their health and happiness.

Pour yourself a warm cup of tea, yerba mate, or coffee and find a cozy place to sit with some tunes playing. Grab the FAB Playlist below. Get to wonderstorming and choosing your FAB Feelings for the year ahead!

I can’t wait to hear from you and until next time, stay on your health and happiness game.

The world literally needs each and every one of us to own our health, so that we can elevate our lives and ultimately elevate everyone.