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Bridging the gap and fostering a stronger relationship between parents and schools.
Punama Saxena on 20+ years of empowered parenting

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At 8 years old, Punam started as a strong student and quickly went to being very mediocre… with a strong disbelief in education.

Where were her parents? Why didn’t they step in and say anything?

As a first-generation Indian American, her parents didn’t understand that in America, you can actually go and talk to the teachers and administrators unlike in India where teachers are so highly regarded and you don’t disagree with them.

This is why Punam Saxena, a pioneer in bridging the gap between parents and teachers and today’s ETV guest, decided her mission in life was to change the trajectory of someone else’s life so they didn’t have to go through what she went through.

As Punam says, “Every child deserves to feel like they’re number one.” Not only does she believe this, but she also practices and teaches it every single day and has been for over 20+ years.

Even if this is your first introduction to Punam, I guarantee you, her words of encouragement, tips, and tools will empower you to build a strong trusting relationship and foundation with your kids, teachers, and schools.

Punam has spent years working with students and children before having her own children. From volunteering for special activities in the classroom, leading parent organizations to understanding how our schools work, Punam provides resources, insight, and a practical footprint for parents to become empowered partners in their children’s education.

Not to mention, Punam is an empowered parent not of one but four children! She has 20 years of professional and advocacy experience is a wealth of knowledge with profound perspective and simple yet impactful tips to put the teacher parent collaboration into action.

Watch now and learn:

  • Why, when you speak up, it’s not just for your kid. It’s for all children.
  • The #1 barrier between parents and teachers and how to get over it.
  • Why NOW is the best time to reach out.

If you’re ready to learn how you can take more of an empowered part and bridge the gap between you and your kids’ schools, this is a must-watch episode!

Once you’ve watched, it’s your turn to take empowered and inspired action!

As Punam says, pick up the phone, send an email or a text and get involved with your kids’ education, building relationships that bridge trust with the teachers first.

Let’s use this moment to reach out to your kiddo’s teacher. Send a note of appreciation or gratitude, ask how you can support, help or simply share an inspiring quote.

We’ll help get you started:

  • I so appreciate your…. (feedback on your kids’ homework or the weekly recaps they send)
  • Is there anything we can help with at home or what can we do to support you and your efforts at school?
  • Thank you for all you’re doing (this one goes a long way).  : )

Take a moment to share an insight, aha moment, or one thing that you feel inspired to do or maybe you’re already doing with your kiddos this week.

Always remember…we are working together to educate them, better.

Even when you think one small text, email or call doesn’t matter, there’s a teacher, kid, or parents on the other side that your words and actions are impacting in a positive way.

When do you feel like there’s a rift between your kids or the school? Feel out of the loop or not sure how to start the conversation with your children’s school? Remember what Punam always says:

“As a parent, holding space for a conversation is where you can start to lay that foundation and trust.”

With warmth and gratitude,