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A Simple and Powerful Self-Care Hack That Literally Has Your Back

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Imagine you’re out for a sunny Sunday stroll, enjoying the birds chirping, butterflies fluttering and listening to your favorite audiobook.

You turn a corner and what was a seemingly peaceful walk instantly turns to panic. You have milliseconds to choose how you’re going to respond.

As a mentor of mine says, “Run straight at your fear.” A few days ago, one of my fears was running straight at me.

A woman screaming and yelling for her dog who got loose…. a huge German Shepherd beelining straight towards me. ? It was terrifying to say the least.

In these quick moments of chaos, what do you do? More importantly, how do you choose the best way to respond in a short amount of time?

In today’s 5 minute video, you’ll learn a super simple yet powerful self-care and wellness hack that literally has your back.

Keep reading and watching below.

Now, it’s time to take some inspired action. Grab your FAB Planner or piece of paper and write down your specific mantra or intention for the month.

Then, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Specifically, share an insight or aha moment that resonated with you AND your mantra for the upcoming month.

When you share your thoughts, ideas and insights – it inspires and encourages others to share too!

Remember, you always have a choice on how to respond.

I believe this is what helped me to stay calm in a few moments of chaos today. It pays to plan.

Thanks so much for reading and watching!

I’ll see ya next time on ETV!