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3 Easy Self-Care Tips You Can Start Using Now To Stop Burnout

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Do you know how to stop burnout? For real?

This is where many compassionate, empathetic mamas get stuck.

Like Ashley, a stay at home mom who’s doing it all and wants to find a way to implement self-care into her daily routine.

Empowering, right? But you know what else your self-care plan needs to be?

Easy. Simple. And fun!

In this ETV, I share three self-care strategies that will help you figure out exactly how to stop burnout with a simple self-care plan. Even better, I’m sharing tons of techniques, tips and tools.

DIG IN DEEPER: Try my favorite method for finding the best idea that will work for you and then plan for your self-care.

0-01 Create a daily self-care morning practice or routine.

First decide how much time you really have in the morning to put together a self-care routine.

For example: Let’s say you have a 30-minute block of time. You can break that into three 10-minute segments. You get to choose.

Next, decide how you’ll fill each of those time blocks up. Will you read, journal, meditate or exercise? Making your bed and cleaning up your area and showering count!

Remember, self-care is whatever is going to serve you.

Decide how you want to feel when you start your day. This starts the night before.  

This is one of my favorite self-care practices before I go to bed.

Think about how you want to feel that next morning. Do you want to feel energized, relaxed, or calm?  What is it that you want to feel? 

For example, maybe you want to feel organized.  What can you do to help you feel that way in the morning? Here’s some ideas: 

  • Set the coffee pot up the night before with the timer
  • Lay out clothes, keys and shoes to go exercise 
  • Pre-make your lunches the night before

Wonderstorm about this! 

Think about your self-care and what area of self-care you’re wanting to focus on. 

This is one of the best questions I can share with you. Start thinking about this and ask yourself what you are needing.

When you’re in a space of overwhelm, stress and burnout, one of the best things you can do is pause, stop and acknowledge the feeling, and also ask yourself what you’re needing right now.  

Maybe what you’re needing is comfort. So, then you can ask yourself, “What can I do that’s comforting right now?”  You can then go ahead and move forward and choose from a ton of different self-care ideas and practices that create comfort for you. 

Whatever you choose I encourage you to think about choosing an activity that’s going to be simple, easy accessible, and that’s going to feel good to you

Once you have a chance to watch, read or listen, leave a comment below telling me what simple self-care tips  you are going to start implementing today.  

Then, brainstorm ONE way you can start implementing self-care in a 1, 5 or 10-minute block of time you have.  

Make your health and happiness sustainable so you don’t burnout.  

Plan for your self-care so you can keep being the best mom, nurse, teacher, therapist, person you can be!