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15 Tiny Healthy Habits
for Big Changes You Can Start
in Less Than 30 Seconds

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This year, I want to present a new concept. Instead of creating such BIG goals for yourself – make them tiny. A small change that’s easy, fun and simple. A tiny habit that takes less than 30 seconds to start.

TBJ Fogg is the founder and director of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and author of the new book “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything.” Through his research at Stanford and in the real world, he has found that all behaviors–including habits– have three basic elements:

  • Motivation (why we do a behavior)
  • Ability (how easy it is)
  • Prompt (a cue that says “do this behavior now”)

Fogg observed parents, entrepreneurs and working professionals juggle a myriad of tasks, often operating on autopilot. He suggests these people would benefit most from tiny habit changes that often take less than 30 seconds.

“Some of the biggest misconceptions about making new habits or ending old ones are that they require a lot of motivation and take a lot of time to make, which can feel overwhelming or even impossible to busy parents,” explains Fogg.

Keep reading, watching, and learning below to discover 15 tiny-habit ideas you can start implementing today.

Plus, discover a Powerful Prompt Formula that will take you from procrastination straight into action, ultimately leading to better health and happiness.

Want more tiny habits and prompts that you can use immediately to improve focus, productivity, reduce stress, and get a better night’s sleep? Keep reading below.

For Working Parents
After I finish working for the day, I will spend one hour of uninterrupted time with my kids.
After my children leave for school or start school, I will get out my to-do list for work.
After I sit down at my desk, I will put my phone on airplane mode for uninterrupted focus.

For Better Sleep
After I see it’s past 8 PM, I’ll stop using electronics and shut off screens.
After I get into bed, I’ll run a nightly relaxation routine.
After I work, I will charge my phone in the kitchen, not in the bedroom.

For Better Nutrition
After I have a cup of coffee, I’ll switch to water.
After I eat something processed, I’ll have a salad or smoothie.
After I have my last meal, I’ll take my supplements before bed.

For Reducing Stress
After I wake in the morning, I will meditate for 5 minutes.
After I get upset with a family member, I will take a short walk alone.
After I put the kids to bed, I will make an herbal tea.

For Better Relationships
After I pour my partner a cup of coffee, I’ll leave a note with a positive message on it.
After I finish with my morning meetings, I’ll send a quick check-in text message to my partner.
After I see my partner come into the room, I’ll pause and acknowledge him/her and be present with their needs.

There you have it! 15 tiny habit prompts.

Powerful Prompt Formula.  

Here’s your prompt formula.  It starts off as, “After I _______, (behavior) then I’ll _______.(new habit)” 

Insert your new habit after your behavior. 

Tiny Habit Challenge

Now, I would love to hear from you. What is one tiny habit that you’re going to take action on today in your daily life? What is your prompt going to be?

Leave your comments below because when you share how you’re taking action, it inspires and empowers others to do the same.

Remember, you have the power to own your health and happiness, and you can do so right now by taking tiny actions.

I’ll catch you next time for even more tiny ways to create your healthiest, happiest life starting now. Thanks so much, and talk to you soon.